Thursday, August 12, 2010

Staircase Gets Painted!!!!!!!!

Each day when I leave work I go home thinking tonight's the night I'm just going to rest and not work on the condo.... well it's a nice thought

Once I get home and sit down on the couch and begin looking around, I get this strange urge to paint, decorate or rearrange. So basically every night this week I've painted the walls around my staircase and laundry room until I ran out of wall space to paint. I started off with the smallest wall on the top half of the stairs, then the next night I moved onto the largest wall on the staircase and so on and so forth. It's a great feeling to look around the living room, dining room and kitchen and see that every single wall has a fresh coat of paint on it. It's also nice to no longer see big holes in the walls or dents every where. I swear the old tenants ran every single piece of furniture they had into the walls when they were moving out.

Paint -it's such a sweet reward...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Office/Spare Bedroom

Little by little I'm trying to show you each room as it gets completed. The office/guest room was the first room to get painted. The day I closed my dad got to work on painting, while mom and I began unpacking the rest of the condo. This was also the first room where we used the Behr Primer paint and also where we realized how much we loved this paint and how much time it saved. The previous tenant's daughter loved the color purple and when I say purple I mean purple, deep dark purple.
See below... it's hard to see the actual color but you can tell by how dark the picture is that the walls were extremely dark!!!

So after only one coat of paint my office/spare bedroom was complete. Well, actually it was almost complete, there was a lot of purple on the ceiling and base boards. So my wonderful father painted the ceiling, window ledge and base boards ultra white. Thanks Dad for all of your hard work... The room looks great!!! I still haven't found the exact chair that I want for the desk. (Desk lower left with the red lamp shade)

I really really like the look of the floating shelves!!! So on one of my many trips to Home Depot I picked up two floating shelves thinking I would use them in my living room and ended up hanging them in my office. I know that my dad painted this entire room... but I hung the shelves by myself, in case you were wondering. I am extremely handy and love to build and put things together.

So here's a closer look at the floating shelves....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Living Room Updates

If you looked at the living room pictures that I posted earlier this week, you probably didn't see much. Sorry the pictures were too dark to see anything, so last night I took a few more pictures of the newly painted living room.

Hope you like the color, cuz I do!!!!

Well... since I'm showing you the newly painted living room I might as well move into the living room and turn the camera around to show you pics of the not so newly painted kitchen.
I woke up a few Saturdays ago and just decided that the kitchen needed a slightly different color, other than the standard contractor white paint. I was looking for a very light tan/beige and I got exactly what I was looking for. If I hadn't told you that I painted the kitchen you just might not have known. It's so close to the original color that it's hard to tell in certain light.

See for yourself below....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living Room Gets Painted

When it came time to paint the spare bedroom/office I knew right away that I wanted to use the Forever Denim by Behr. But, when the time came to pick out the color for the living / dining room, I just could not decide. The picture on the left only shows 3 out of the 6 paint colors I had to choose from.

I think I hold the record for sample paints, I should ask the employees at Home Depot that work at the paint counter since I know them by their first names. Seriously I know their names. The last time I checked I had 10 different tiny containers of Behr Paint samples. All Primer paint I might add. If I haven't said it before... let me say it again it's the best paint ever. Thanks go out to Stephanie & Chris for turning me onto the primer paint. I'll never use anything else again, 1 coat and you're done. You might have to touch up a few spots, but it's better than painting the same wall multiple times!!!
After choosing Oat Straw for the living / dining area it was time to start painting. Luckily Stephanie was on hand to help me tape and paint. I'll let you in on a little secret of mine.. it always helps to gossip while working on DIY projects - It makes the time go by so much faster :)
The entryway into my house has vaulted ceilings and I don't have the proper equipment to be able to tape & paint this area as of right now, so I decided that I would buy the painting tape that's used to make the sharp crisp lines. It works!! It really works!!! See pic on the left.

So here's the final product... I hope you like it :) It's hard to see so I will take some more pics tonight so that you can see the color and the awesome job Stephanie and I did. Thanks Steph!!!

Couch Finally Arrived!!!!! 3 1/2 Weeks Late

After months and months of waiting my couch finally arrived!!! No more sitting on chairs or laying on the floor :)

I ordered the couch on May 18th with an expected deliver date of 6 to 8 weeks. Ummmm more like 10 (almost 10 1/2 weeks) and I finally received the "Hello this is Art Van. We will be delivering your couch on Sunday, between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 pm" call. When I heard the truck pull up, I got so excited I ran down the stairs to greet the delivery men at the door.
Well... after 5 long agonizing minutes later one of the delivery guys walks up to my front door with 2 pillows in his hands. This confused me because "hello" where was my couch and why were there only 2 pillows in his hand when I ordered 4? So I opened the door expecting to hear "Houston we have a problem" but to my relief he asked me to show him where I wanted the couch to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
So after I showed him the location he went back to his truck to get his co-worker to help him lift my couch up and over my staircase. Below is the first half of my stair case, they had to lift the couch up and over the wall on the right side.
So now I have more than one place to sit in my living area so I can finally have people over not have them sit on the floor or at the bar on the bar stools.
Please excuse the top picture, I was still trying to decided what color to paint the living room and those two round tables are a temporary fix.