Friday, July 23, 2010

Spare Bedroom Painted

This was the first room that I painted in the condo, thanks to my Dad!!!! He started painting the day I closed!!!

I don't know what it was, but for some reason this color (Behr Primer Paint - Forever Denim) just stood out in my mind. I felt that the spare bedroom/office was the best place for this color.

As you can see... I have blue accent pieces such as my Sky Dive Certificate and the blue strips in the ironing board (normally that is not out on display in this room).

I just purchased a smallish black desk, Thank You Target, for this room. I'd like to place it where the iron board currently is and move the bookshelve to the opposite wall (not shown). I'm trying to decide on the perfect chair for the desk. I don't want an actual desk chair, I'd like to have something that could be decorative and functional at the same time.

I'm still working on the actual setup of this room. Once I've completed it I will post a couple pictures of the end result.

Painted Kitchen

Last Friday I was home watching TV when I got the sudden urge to go pick out paint colors. I had a few colors for a couple of different rooms in mind, but wanted to make sure they looked good before buying a couple gallons of paint. So I headed up to the paint counter at Home Depot and bought 3 sample colors, all Behr Primer Paint.

  • Above is a picture of the kitchen with the "Sandstone Cove" paint. I took a picture of the pantry door because the actual color is so very light, that without seeing it against a white door you might not know that I spent most of my Saturday taping and painting my kitchen, bar area and wall next to the bar.

So... what do you think?