Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bedroom Window Blinds

When I moved in all of the windows had existing window treatments (one less thing to worry about until I was settled in and could spend time deciding what I wanted). So I slowly worked my way around the living room and dining room by installing new faux window blinds, instead of the standard tiny plastic blinds and come with every house. My master bedroom didn't come with these blinds, it came with the original home owners khaki and white checked curtains. Now don't get me wrong I was grateful that something was here so that my neighbors couldn't see in my bedroom. O that reminds me I should tell you all that I am living in an episode of Friends... I live across from the "Fat Naked Guy" expect my neighbor isn't fat.

So last weekend it was time for me to update the out dated, not to mention since I've painted my bedroom a very light gray it was driving me nuts!!!! Here look for yourself....

Wouldn't this drive you nuts as well? You can see a corner of my new bedding (also from West Elm) it's the same color gray as my walls and an off white. So needless to say white and khaki curtains just didn't look good together.

So back to Home Depot I went and had the faux wood white blinds cut to cover my two bedroom windows. As soon as I installed the blinds, I took a step back and I felt like I could actually be comfortable in my own bedroom!!!!!

Now the next step in my bedroom is a DIY Headboard, so I need to pick a fabric that has gray, white (maybe black) and a splash of color. The fabric will cover the headboard and will also be used for tie back curtains. Don't you think tie backs will look good there? I've also got two light sconces that I purchased from Ikea before the holidays that I can't wait to put up on each side of the bed next to the DIY head board. Of course I will update you on those projects as I'm working through them and when they are completed.

Dining Room Updates

Ok, so I've been telling you all about the updates that I've been making to my condo so I'll start with dining room and then I'll work my way through the rest of the place as I go. For now here's the new dining room table ( and the chairs (Ikea). I had been searching and searching for the perfect "drum" chandelier and finally just a few months ago found this one from West Elm!!! I love it, it's the perfect fit for the room and for my style :)