House Tour

My New Condo!!!!

Close up of the front door!!!

Foyer - Garage and walk-in closet to the right

Walk In Closet in Foyer
Foyer - Door to the left is the garage

I painted the foyer and added this stencil (the stencil is straight I promise)

Close up of the stencil, see it's straight :)
Top of the landing looking down to the foyer

Top of landing (part dux) stairs into the living room

Living room view down the stairs to the landing

View of the landing half way up the stairs

Top of the stairs & down the hallway

The Living Room

more Living Room

TV Area & the top of the stairs

LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH (sorry it's a little bit blurry)

Comfy couch, it's perfect for curling up and watching movies!! - Before

The pic above is before I added some decorative touches and also when I had the couch on a angle.  Like this much better!!

Big comfy chairs - noticing the big comfy theme?

My Llardo Collection

My Dining Room

More dining room

and with the light on - look at the snow in the background :(

I LOVE!!!!!! this drum light fixture from West Elm - I mean LOVE

Dining Room Updates

Kitchen right off the Dining Room
(oops I should have straightened the kitchen towels)

Corner pantry (behind the door in the above pic)

More Kitchen

Bar Stools that face into the kitchen & hallway down towards
the bedrooms and bathrooms

Master Bedroom ....

..... more to come of the rest of the house shortly!!!!!  I need to add update pics and show the two bathrooms and the spare bedroom/office.