Monday, October 4, 2010

Well finally after 4 months, I decided on a table for my dining room. No more card table and chairs. Yes I said it I'm 33 and my dining room table is a card table complete with folding chairs!!! No judgement thank you :)

I've always liked the higher tables (counter height) but I just couldn't decided on what I really wanted. The only thing I knew that I wanted was a table that had a removable leaf so if I had more than 4 people over I could accommodate everyone. I also didn't want a huge table that would take over my entire dining area either. So today I received an email from regarding a sale on dining room furniture. Dare I say it was a sign!!! I looked through the sale and found the table on the and it was exactly what I wanted and needed!! So I purchased it.

Right now I have 2 bar stools placed at my kitchen bar (see picture to the left)... so these will serve as the extra seating and I don't need to store them when they aren't being used. Bonus
I didn't order the chairs that are pictured with the table, I just didn't like them. So I'm going to hold off on them until I find the right bar stools. I'd like to find chairs with some sort of fabric and I know I wont have a problem finding something that I like. If I don't find the right fabric it's an easy fix... it's called new fabric and my mother!!! The Queen of Reupholstering !!! I'm so excited and can't wait for the final product!!! Stay tuned