Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guest Bathroom Storage

I've been searching for storage for my guest bathroom and I finally found it on Joss and Main.

 Here's a close up pic.  The color in this picture makes it look like it's green, but it's almost tealish looking.  I will eventually change the color once I pick out the new bathroom wall color.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Master Bedroom Is Finally Coming Together...

Well, it's taken several years, but the master bedroom is finally coming together and feels like an adult room.  I have all the essential areas that I need.  Sleeping area, reading area, get ready in the morning area, plenty of room to try on clothes (besides the walk-in closet) area.  So here is your first official glance at my master bedroom.  There were a few posts done about this room, but I only showed you the window seat and the bed.  Now, I'm ready to show the whole entire room.

This is the 1st view into the room from the doorway.  I should have smoothed out the duvet first.

You can see my reading area next to the bed and window seat.  I have a couple shelves that I want to hang above the chair next to the window seat.

This is my get ready area.  Needs some work, pictures on the wall and an organization center for all my hair and makeup accessories :)

This is a better pic of the room from the door way.  I have ordered a mirror to hang over the bed and yes it's from Joss and Main.  DUH

Please excuse the clutter on the right side of the dresser, this is now gone.  I'm thinking about hanging that pic that's leaning on the tall dress to give that wall some more character.

Here is a closer look of the taller dress.  I'm not planning on keeping those boxes on the floor, but they fit at the time.

I'm going to use this to display my jewelry and all of my mom's jewelry.  This is a hallway that leads to the walk-in closet and master bathroom.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finally Knocking Stuff Off Of My To Do List

It was a busy and productive weekend at the condo (finally!!!) Although, I had to make a decision not to go on an annual weekend get away to Traverse City with Stephanie and Chris...

This was taken at the 2013 Shamrock and Shenanigans 5k at Connor O'Neill's in Ann Arbor, MI

It was a tough decision :( , but I got so much done and knocked off my to do list - which FYI - seems to grow by the day.  It's given me the itch to continue doing more projects, so I'm ok with my decision.

Now where to begin, where to begin....

As most of you know I am a Joss & Main junky.  I mean next to Pinterest, Young House Love and Thrifty Decor Chick and many other inspirational sites, I just can't seem to stay away.  I am constantly debating on purchasing items and when I'm not debating on purchasing items, I'm rushing home to get the recent package that was just delivered.  It's become my dirty little secret that I'm learning to share with people (it's part of my 12 step process).  I'm seriously thinking about starting up a Joss and Main support group for people like me and I know there are tons and tons of us out there.  For those of you that don't know about Joss & Main, you need to learn quickly.  They remind me of an type place.  Their prices are amazing and can also be extremely expensive.  They have all these different categories of styles.  There is bound to be something to fit everyone's style.

So the first thing I decided to do was to put together the two new pieces of furniture that I purchased from Joss & Main, so that I get them setup and decorated at my condo.  Here are pictures of what I purchased...

Hamilton Nightstand. This is similar to my Pier 1 night stand but not exactly.  I like that they match but are different at the same time.

Terrace Storage Shelf 1
(I will post about the each of these products and where they ended up in the new couple of posts)

After putting together the two pieces, I then (with the help of my wonderful father) finally hung my Ikea wall sconces that I purchased almost 3 years ago.  Ikea no longer makes this product and didn't take a picture of it in the box or before I mounted either one of them to the wall, so here is the best I could do to show you what it looks like without revealing the rest of the room...

Ikea Wall Sconce

I also decided that I wanted to hang a shower curtain in the master bath to give it some color and hide the shower itself.  I have a walk-in, 1 person shower with doors and it's just not pretty to look at.  Eventually I'd love to replace it with a walk-in steamer tiled shower.  Enough day dreaming, so I went on the hunt a while back and found exactly what I was looking for.  Now when I say I was looking for something colorful, I mean colorful.  I purchased this Kate Spade Shower curtain online from Bed, Bath and Beyond....

I love me some Kate Spade!!!!

After I had everything setup and ready to go I began to tackle the master bedroom.  I needed to move furniture, setup the new bedside table, hang the wall sconces above each of the bedside tables, lay out a pattern of how I want to hang my collection of Paris photos and then of course I had to accessorize with what I have purchased or collected along the way.  After I completed most of the master bedroom, I moved onto the spare bedroom/office.  I've been calling it the spare bedroom/office for 3 years, the only problem with that, is that I didn't have bed for the "bedroom" portion of the room.  Since I purchased my new bed, I was able to move my old bed into the spare bedroom.  I did a little rearranging in the spare bedroom and moved the base, box springs and mattress into the room.  Never mind the fact that it's leaning up against the wall, but at least it's out of the hallway. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting something that I did this weekend, but for now I'm pretty impressed with myself and the progress that I made.  I can't wait to show you everything, so stay tuned because I will be posting about each project very soon.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Painting Stairway Entrance Wall - Finally Part II

Back in March I wrote about making a decision to paint the stairway entrance wall in Painting Stairway Entrance Wall - Finally.  I went onto Behr's website ( and purchased 10 different paint samples, in the hopes that I would find the right color in one of these samples.
Behr does a great job in shipping so many samples

I began by sitting on the floor at the top of the stairs (also in the middle of the room) and opened up each sample.

I made a "NO" pile, a "YES" pile and a "MAYBE" pile and narrowed my decision down from that point.  After looking at the "YES" pile, I decided it was time to paint a swatch of the four samples on the wall and see which one I liked the best.  I've been living with these swatches for about 2 weeks now and I'm still not sure.  What do you think?  If anything I think I'm leaning towards the top left corner color...

I will keep you posted as to which color I choose or if it's back to the drawing room to start all over.  I swear with all of the samples that I've purchased from Behr (via their website or from HomeDepot) I could open up a sample store right out of my house.  I should go onto Pinterest and see what other people have done with their left over paint samples and make some art work or something to hang in the soon to be painted accent wall.

New Bed Finally Arrives!!! Sleep Number is Da Bomb

It's sad to look back at your life and think about the things that used to make us happy, compared to what makes us happy now.  My new happiness came in a big yellow truck, with two delivery men!!!  Don't get excited the delivery men didn't stay, but the package did.  The package was/is my new Sleep Number Bed.

I've been wanting to get a new bed since I moved into the condo 3 years ago.  Side note...Wow time goes by so quickly, I can't believe that it's been 3 years now....  Needless to say it's been a while that I've been wanting a new bigger and more comfortable bed.  So after a long process, I finally decided on a Sleep Number bed.  Let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!!!  I should have purchased this bed a long time ago.  It's amazing how the difference in pressure (soft or hard depending on how you like to sleep) can make such a difference.  After my back surgery a few years ago, I have a hard time getting comfortable and sleeping through the night.  This bed takes all that away.  I never want to get out of bed.  You probably saw my previous post where I purchased a new bed frame from Joss & Main in this post... I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!.

Between the new bed frame and the new bed, I'm slowly starting to fall back in love my master bedroom.  Don't get me wrong, I still have work to do in the master bedroom, but it's come along way from when I first moved in (oops, I still don't have before pics posted of the masted bed/bath room).

Here's the wonderful new mattress and bed frame.

You can see the remote that adjusts each side of the bed, just above the Sleep Number Book

Monday, May 27, 2013

Painting Stairway Entrance Wall - Finally

Everyone has those projects that they hold off on doing and my stairway entrance wall is one of of those projects.  My condo is located on the "2nd floor" no one lives below me, my condo is above a bunch of garages.  In order to get into my condo you have to walk up two flights (but not full flights of stairs).  The first set of stairs has 9 or 10 steps and the 2nd half has the same amount.  In between the two sets of stairs is a landing and walls that lead up to the vaulted ceiling.  Here's a view of the wall that I'm looking to paint:

This is a view looking down from the top of the stairs down to the landing and the wall that I'm looking to paint (the big white wall).  The picture doesn't really show it but, this is a two story wall.  Let me see if I can dig up a better picture....

You can see the wall in this pic.  Yes there are 2 white walls, but the wall on the left that is half painted and the other half is white, is not something I can paint myself.  I don't have a ladder that can accommodate stairs nor one that can accommodate stairs and a 2 story wall at the same time.  I want to paint the wall on the right hand side. It's the wall that's behind the horrible ceiling light, this is also on my list of things to replace!!  So if anyone wants it, it's yours.  Anyways you can see that this is a very tall wall.  You can also see from the two above pics that khaki, tan or whatever you want to call it color, is the color of my stairway entrance and the same color up stairs in my living room.  I should look up the color and let you know the exact name.  What I can tell you is that it it's the Behr primer and paint in one Premium Plus Ultra line.  The best invention ever!!!  The other main color is blue, but in shades that range from light blue to medium blue with a few pops of cobalt blue.  What I'd like to do is paint that wall an accent color of one of the various blues that I have in my living room.  I think that will add a little bit more character to the my open space living area.

The problem was I couldn't decide which color I wanted to paint.  One thing I love is that most of the major paint companies is that you can order or buy samples of their paint in the major home improvement stores.  So I just purchased 10 - 8oz sample colors of various shades of blue of the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint.  So as soon I receive the color samples I'll paint a bunch of different swatches on the wall and figure out what color is the best one to paint the entire wall, then I'm off to Home Depot to purchase a gallon of paint.  I've been thinking about possibly using the same color and paint the kitchen the same color.  I'll keep you posted as to the color and what I decided to do with the kitchen.  Too much khaki and tan in one place isn't doing it for me anymore.  Till my next post...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!

It's been a long time since my last post, but I think I'm finally ready to get back into updating my blog and to get started on my long list of things that I want to do to my condo.

Most of you will know, but some of you won't, I lost my mother to cancer on June 20, 2012.  Before she passed, my dad and I spent as much time as possible with my mom taking care of her and just cherishing the time that we had left with each other before she passed away.  It's almost been a year and I'm starting to feel like it's time to get back to things that I'm passionate about.  I know this would make my mom so happy to know that I'm back working on my blog and that I'm going to starting working on projects and decorating my condo again.

Since it's been a while since I've worked on my condo, I'm feeling a little A.D.D. about the whole thing.  There are so many great ideas and thoughts running through my head that I don't know where to begin.  Let me tell you... with all of the my idea folders that I've created from the many magazines that I collect, the digital folder full pictures that I've saved from the internet and my Pinterest account ( I don't know where to begin.

After some internal deliberations I decided that I should start with purchasing a new bed.  My current bed situation is sad, just a plain old bed frame with box springs and a mattress.  I originally intended on creating my own headboard with fabric and a ton of batting.  The problem was, I just couldn't find the right fabric with the right pattern or the right shade of gray.  So I decided to put that idea on the back burner.  Then one day after work I was looking through the latest sales on Joss & Main ( and I came across the Limoges bed in the perfect shade of gray and decided that I had to have it.

Here it is....

 The next step is to order box springs and a mattress that actually fit this bed.  As much as I love(d) the West Elm duvet cover and pillow shams, I'm pretty much over this set and I'm ready for something else.    So continue to come back and check out my blog, I promise that I will have more post very, very, very soon.  In fact wait till you see the decorating that I've done in the living room.  If you look at my Home Tour page, the rooms are pretty bare and lack decorations.  I've been working on that and have so much to share with you.