DIY Projects

Ok, so I'm sure you are reading the title of this post and wondering what in world I'm talking about. Believe me when I first read about coffee filter decor my initial reaction was "no chance in hell I would decorate with coffee filters". I mean come on, coffee filters are meant to filter my coffee not be hung up in my house. Well I thought that until I saw the many different things that you can do with the filters. I was most inspired by Emily at Jones Design Company. She's one of the many blogs that I follow on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis. Feel free to check out her tutorial/finally product and the rest of her wonderful blog at Search for "coffee filter foof".

After falling in love with the project, I looked around the house to see what I had that I could cover in filters. I found a round 4" styrofoam ball and decided that I would cover it with white filters instead of the brown filters. So I pulled out the filters, my hot glue gun and the ball and got to work.

This is a fun and easy project that you can work on while watching tv or chatting on the phone with your friends. Once I was finished I cut some string and hung it up in the corner of my dining room...